To apply for the Fall of 2019, please fill out the application below:

Kairos Scholars Application

March 18 is the deadline for early decision, May 1 is for regular, and June 14 is the final deadline. Applying at the earliest time is strongly encouraged. If you are looking to apply for Spring of 2020, an application for that semester will be posted this fall.

Sophomore-level and second-semester freshman applications are handled directly by the office. In these cases, please email to inquire how to apply.

Documents Required

The following documents will need to be prepared before you begin the online application. All documents should be saved in PDF format with your first and last name in the file name. They will all be uploaded directly to the online application. Once you have the documents you need, go to the online application link below and fill it out.

  1. Cover Letter

This letter should express your interest in and reasons for applying to be a Kairos Scholar. Please comment on your expectations of a member of the community of Kairos, based upon your knowledge of the program thus far and your previous experiences in various communities. Describe the qualities you as an individual will contribute to this academic community.

  1. Curriculum vitae

Your CV should cover your involvement in the following areas:

  • Important classes you have taken
  • Clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities in which you have participated
  • Honors and awards you have received
  • Volunteer and/or other service experience
  • Any international travel or experience abroad

  1. Letters of Recommendation 

You should have two letters of recommendation. One of these letters must be from a teacher or school official who knows you in an academic setting.

Letters must be e-mailed to Kairos by the person writing the recommendation.  Applicants should not submit letters of recommendation themselves.

For Writers of Letters of Recommendation:

With your recommendation, please include information about how long you have known the applicant and the nature of your relationship. Comment regarding the applicant’s academic potential, intellectual capacity, character, ability to collaborate with others, and motivation for participating in the Kairos Scholars Honors Program.

Letters of Recommendation should also be in PDF form, should include the applicant’s last and first name in the title, and should be emailed directly to, Attn: Kairos Admissions.

  1. Essay

Your responses should be double-spaced, 12 pt font. Please save them as PDFs with your First and Last Names in the file name.

  • You are planning a dinner. Which historical figure would you invite? What specific qualities about that person do you respect which made you want to invite them in particular? What would you talk about?
    • *Jesus is present at every meal, so please choose someone else for the sake of this question
    • Your essay should be no longer than two pages (double-spaced)

5. Short Responses

Short responses may be filled out on  the online application in the provided spaces.

  • Beyond academics, what are you passionate about?
  • What are the virtues and vices of individualism?
  • Which academic subject do find least interesting? Why?
  • What is something about which you have changed your mind in the last few years?

5. Phone Interview

Finally, student members of the Kairos Scholars Recruitment Committee would like to conduct a brief phone interview with each applicant. The interviewer will ask you a few questions over the phone, allowing the application reviewers to get to know you better. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the Kairos Scholars program at this time.

You will be asked to sign-up for a half-hour interview time as part of the online application. If you need to reschedule or are unable to be interviewed at your scheduled time, please contact us at We will make every attempt to reschedule missed interviews.