At the heart of a liberal education is the desire to be changed by the things we learn.  Rather than simply appropriate a collection of facts (ἐπιστήμη), we seek wisdom (σοφία), which allows us to understand these particular truths in light of the whole.  One of the key ways this happens is through a dialectical community, emphasizing discussion among friends.  Kairos develops this context through a cohort curriculum of the General Education Core — those classes that will serve as a foundation of knowledge for living well — as well as robust extracurricular programming.  This significant interaction with one’s peers in the Honors Program builds familiarity, friendship, and trust — essential elements for genuine questioning and ultimately understanding.

Kairos alumni frequently remember the Honors Program as a sort of “home” for them at Lee.  It is a place where, regardless of major, students can feel included and appreciated.  Their shared vision and love of learning leads to a natural inquisitiveness that breaks down disciplinary boundaries.  Kairos scholars take seriously the role of supporting one another during difficult portions of the collegiate journey, and they embrace one another’s dreams and projects. As they learn and serve together, Kairos scholars begin to understand their place in the larger community around them and hopefully their responsibilities as citizens of their localities, their countries, and the world.