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How many Honors credit hours do I take as a Kairos Scholar?
The minimum number of Honors Credit hours required for the Honors Diploma is 24. Most of these hours are located in the general education core. Here are classes currently in rotation:

LEEU-101 & 102 Freshman Seminar – 3 hrs

BIOL-104 Environmental Science – 4 hrs

ENGL-110 Rhetoric & Research – 3 hrs

A Professor’s Perspective: Rhetoric & Research

There was a time when a few prospective Lee students visited our Rhetoric and Research class…I would have liked to be more hospitable to our visitors, but, thing is, in our reading for the day a whole bunch of people had died, rather surprisingly.  The class was collectively freaking out about the catastrophic turn of events, but in a highly analytical manner.  For fifty minutes people poured out their hearts by means of their minds.  It may have been the most successful cooperation between feeling and thought I’ve witnessed from a class of undergraduates in a single class period.  Someone followed me to my office after class and kept the conversation going for another hour or so.  I sometimes wonder how those visitors experienced the class . . . but we certainly gave them a positive vision of what college could be, and what students and well-educated people could be if they cared about what they thought and thought about how they felt.

PLSC-250 American Government – 3 hrs

PHIL-241 Introduction to Philosophy – 3 hrs

A Student’s Perspective: Philosophy

I took Philosophy in my second semester of freshman year, not knowing much about it beforehand. By the end I was definitely more open to thinking about a vast number of fields outside of my discipline and questioning everything I was told- not because of skepticism, but because of an innate curiosity that permeated my learning from then on. At the end of the course, we were instructed to integrate philosophy with our specific discipline in a group project. I was in a S.T.E.M. group, and we connected philosophy to time, specifically time travel. Because of this class and specifically the group project, I’ve now added a minor in Philosophy, explored the concept of time travel in other class on Metaphysics, and sparked my interest in ancient philosophy.

PSYC-200 Understanding Human Behavior – 3 hrs

HUMN-201 Foundations of Western Culture – 3 hrs

HUMN-202 Rise of Europe – 3 hrs

HUMN-301 Foundations of Modern World – 3 hrs

MATH-270 Logic and Sets – 3 hrs

THEO-230 Introduction to Theology – 3 hrs

THEO-231 Introduction to Christian Ethics – 3 hrs

HONR-491 Honors Colloquium – 1 hr

A Student’s Perspective: Honors Colloquium

Honors Colloquium was one of my favorite classes I took in my undergrad, simply because it allowed me to tackle one ambitious question (in this particular semester- “What is music?”) and look at it from multiple disciplines’ perspectives. For Kairos courses, the class is normally comprised of students from multiple disciplines, but Kairos Colloquium invites professors from multiple disciplines to teach a section of the colloquium. To hear students from multiple perspectives share their thoughts is unique and interesting, but to hear experts in their respective fields help tackle an question from his or her perspective is invaluable.

Kairos Scholars will want to avoid taking courses that might count for those mentioned above.

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