The facilitation of learning is, of course, the primary work of the university.  Kairos is composed of students distinguished not only by their academic talent, but by their unique dedication to learning across the curriculum.  The Honors Program cultivates this passion and ability by providing its students with small classes (usually fewer than 15 students) selected for the centrality of the questions they ask.  These are taught by faculty known for both their disciplinary expertise and their ability to foster robust discussion.

We embrace the interdisciplinary nature of a liberal arts education, resisting the temptation to ask the joyless question, “When am I ever going to use this?”  Karios students are the Biology majors who love poetry, Political Science majors who ponder theology, or Theatre majors who get excited about geometry.  The Kairos curriculum utilizes a cohort model where students proceed through the General Education Core together, carrying conversations between classes and learning from each other, even as they learn from their professors.  Honors courses emphasize discussion and analysis over memorization, and culminating in thesis-driven research papers.  The courses are challenging, but in the best way: with a view to the development and success of the students who take them.